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Breakthrough Residential Outreach, Opiate Recovery in Atlanta, Georgia
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Here you'll learn about addiction, mental illness and our treatment approach.

Breakthrough Recovery Outreach is a residential treatment facility located in the heart of Atlanta, GA. If you're reading this, addiction, mental illness or a combination of the two (also known as dual diagnosis), is impacting you or a family member. We're glad you found us and have three important words of welcome for you. There is hope!

Residential Treatment Offers Patients Coping Skills that Improve Success Rates
Breakthrough Recovery Outreach believes in setting patients up for long-term success

Addiction has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Many patients need in-patient hospitalization to safely withdraw from addictive substances. While 30-day treatment programs are an important part of recovery, evidence indicates that long-term treatment improves success rates.
In March, 2017, a medical study evaluated 72 addicts and compared recovery success rates of patients who underwent 30 days of treatment to those who participated in longer term treatment plans. Addicts who received long-term care had significantly higher success rates after one year than those who only completed a 30-day program.

Experience the Breakthrough Recovery Outreach Difference
Transitional living, nutrition, yoga, the 12-steps and more

Breakthrough Recovery Outreach (BRO) offers long-term transitional residential recovery using a systems-based medical approach to addiction and mental illness. Breakthrough Recovery Outreach (BRO) is licensed by the state of Georgia and is a CARF accredited, ASAM Level III, Residential Treatment Program, and the first in metro-Atlanta to offer a wholistic approach in the treatment of mental illness and alcohol and substance abuse.
Addiction and mental illness are diseases, and at Breakthrough, we treat the whole person and the whole disease. Using scientific modalities that incorporate medication (when necessary), 12-step meetings, family counseling, yoga, meditation, and nutritional education, Breakthrough helps patients learn how to live a new and healthy lifestyle.
Addicts who arrive with a last gasp have the time to build coping skills that will help carry them into a future where long-term sobriety and health is possible.
Breakthrough Recovery Outreach helps patients REFOCUS, REGROUP, and RECOVER. If you or a family member needs long-term residential treatment for addiction or mental illness, call us at 770-493-7750. Let's work together to BREAKTHROUGH the cycle of addiction.

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