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At Breakthrough Recovery Outreach, we believe that long-term recovery can best be achieved when the client’s family and members of the client’s support system are involved in the recovery process. It has been said that addiction is a “family disease.” Working from a systemic family framework, involving the family is an important part of the focus in each client’s recovery treatment. From the initial contact by the client to the discharge planning, family and others in the client’s support system are viewed as vital supporters of the client’s recovery process. BRO is dedicated to educating family members about the nature of addiction, the process of change and the family’s role in recovery. Family members are encouraged to attend their own Al-Anon and Alateen meetings in their communities.

Families are therapeutically involved by participation in:
Multi-Family Groups
On the third Sunday of each month, the family members of our clients are invited to a group function led by a family therapist. The purpose of these Multi-Family Groups is to educate and support family members in the recovery process of their loved one. Guest speakers, psycho-educational presentations and question/answer sessions are the primary focus. Family members and others may participate in these groups while their loved one is in treatment and even after their discharge from the BRO program. In the event there is a scheduling conflict, BRO will inform group members one week in advance of the next scheduled group.
Individual Family Therapy
Individual family therapy sessions are scheduled with the client and their family members or support system members to provide therapeutic family services. The family therapy sessions are led by the client’s primary therapist and are held at least monthly or more frequently as deemed necessary.
Treatment Team Visits
Within the initial term of treatment, family members or support system members visit the Treatment Team along with their loved one to receive feedback on the client’s progress to date and to have the opportunity to have their questions and/or concerns addressed by the Treatment Team. Periodic visits to the Treatment Team are conducted as required by the client’s Individualized Treatment Plan and again prior to discharge from the program.
Weekly Updates
The client’s individual therapist and case manager will make weekly contact with the client’s designated family member on the status of the client’s progress to date and to coordinate any meetings or other needs the client may have.