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Breakthrough Recovery Outreach is a wholistic, residential recovery program designed to provide individuals addicted to alcohol and other substances the greatest opportunity to enter treatment and achieve sobriety. It is well established within the recovery community that a 90-day program is a minimum time requirement for addiction treatment as opposed to the traditional 30-day program. It is also widely held knowledge by addiction experts that to transition the individual through phases of recovery has the highest percentages of long-term success. Breakthrough has a four tier program that accepts an individual who has been detoxed and moves them through the phases based on each individual’s needs and progress in the program. The individual begins with the Red Phase, moves into the Yellow Phase and finally enters the Green Phase. The Extended Stay Care Program is an extension of the Green Phase and is the last phase before the individual returns to his/her community for independent living.

Below is a brief description of each of the four phases offered at Breakthrough. Each phase has requirements that are initial criteria to that phase, ongoing requirements of that phase, privileges that are earned in that specific phase and, finally, transitioning requirements to move to the next phase. Each phase is a building block for the next upcoming phase with the goal of returning the individual to independent living using their newly achieved knowledge, skills and tools while accepting the support and resources built within the community and their families.

Initially, the RED PHASE is a period of “settling in” to the Recovery Residence Program, becoming oriented to the rules and expectations of the program, and becoming acquainted with fellow community members. Then, it is time to address your addiction and begin to acquire skills, tools, and network and support systems necessary for your recovery, along with addressing any co-existing diagnoses that need professional attention.

The YELLOW PHASE is a period of continued growth in both your recovery and personal growth. Sobriety remains paramount in your daily life and more attention is being paid to creating a balance in your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical self. Your recovery is being strengthened by being actively involved in the 12 Step program and increased self-confidence and self-worth continue to be primary targets as a result of dealing with your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental health. It is time to transition into more activities outside of Breakthrough with employment, school work or volunteerism while still having a safe and sober living environment.

The GREEN PHASE is a period where you are now integrating your new sober living skills into your daily life activities by using sponsors, family, friends and therapists. Personal independence is growing as you practice recovery in real life activities while still having a safe, home base that provides familiarity, support and community. While still in the infancy stage in your recovery, the GREEN PHASE allows continued recovery and personal growth. It helps to ensure further progress towards implementing the wholistic wellness model of Breakthrough by becoming a balanced individual who has addressed their emotional, spiritual, mental and physical needs.

The Extended Stay Care Program (ESCP) is an extension of the Green Phase and is available to both residents who have passed through the GREEN PHASE of Breakthrough and to those from an outside organization who are seeking a safe, sober and supportive environment in which to find a community that supports and encourages their continued recovery.