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On November 7, 2006 I entered Breakthrough Recovery Outreach as a full time resident. After years of alcohol abuse I needed to start my life over. As a resident at Breakthrough I was shown a proper way to handle life without alcohol. I was shown how to reach out to my sponsor for guidance in the 12 steps of AA, build a network of new friends. Without the support of the Breakthrough community I would not be sober today.

Bert C.


I was fortunate to find Breakthrough Recovery Outreach after I was released from Peachford for detox. Breakthrough offered me Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP),Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) along with the opportunity to find and rebuild my life in a clean and safe environment.

Rick E.

I came to Breakthrough Recovery Outreach in December of 2010 suffering from an addiction to prescription painkillers and alcohol after back injuries. I was out of control, had alienated my family and friends, and had severe legal problems. Chris Jacobs and the staff at BRO were kind, patient and understanding. They tailored a treatment plan to suit my needs. Today I am sober and am enjoying life more than I can ever remember. Chris and the BRO program saved my life. The program works.

Mike C.
Having been in recovery since 1979 and having a career as a psychotherapist, I experienced a relapse on pain medication in the wake of 3 separate medical traumas. I eventually realized that in order to have a fighting chance to save my life, I needed to place myself in a protective environment which would fully support my re-immersion into the 12 step programs. I was seeking re-establishment of a healthy balanced lifestyle (wholistic approach). Being well versed in the metro Atlanta treatment options, I am grateful and blessed that I was able to successfully participate in the program at Breakthrough Recovery Outreach (BRO). I have maintained my recovery since leaving BRO in 2012 and I am happy and healthy again.

John P.

I came to breakthrough directly from Jail. When I first came here I was thinking that I was going to go back to Jail after the standard 90 day program, but I ended up staying at breakthrough for 9 months. My experience at Breakthrough can best be described as amazing. I quickly felt at home, Breakthrough became my family away from my real family. They provided me with an excellent environment to develop coping skills and learn about my addiction. I had been facing some serious prison time when I first came to Breakthrough, and doing everything I was advised to do helped me out tremendously in my court case to the point where I didn’t have to do any time incarcerated. I very much enjoyed my time here at Breakthrough Recovery Outreach LLC and would greatly recommend it to anyone I know.

Simon C.