Intensive Outpatient

All clients entering Breakthrough Recovery Outreach undergo an initial assessment of their substance use and co-occurring mental illness history by a licensed staff member. The results of this evaluation lead to a recommendation for the types of services that are best suited for the client. In other words, based on the assessment, the type and length of program recommended is based on several factors: addiction history (type of substances used, length of substance use and quantity of substances used), presence of co-occurring mental illness, and other needs of the client. BRO offers the following types of programs:

  • Evening Intensive Outpatient Program
  • After Care
  • Anger Management Program

The Evening Intensive Outpatient Program
EIOP is designed for those clients who wish to sustain and strengthen their recovery while living independently either at Breakthrough’s Sober Living facility or at their own residence. Typically, clients in the EIOP have already achieved a certain length of time of sobriety and are in need of additional support from a therapeutic approach. Programming includes a one-on-one assessment, group therapy sessions (psycho-educational and psychotherapy), multi-family groups, random drug screens and an exit session. The EIOP occurs three evening weekdays (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) for a three hour timeframe from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, and is ideal for sober individual who are working or attending school. A final, negative drug screen is necessary in order to receive a certificate of completion at the end of this program.

After Care

Breakthrough Recovery Outreach recognizes that the hard work of recovery does not stop with the client’s discharge. As a full commitment to our clients’ long-term success with recovery, a weekly aftercare meeting is held for all clients discharged from treatment at BRO. In our service to the community, the Aftercare Meeting is open to anyone in recovery. The Aftercare Meeting is led by a BRO staff member and is held at Breakthrough’s Educational Center. All alumni and individuals in the recovery community are invited to be a part of this important and on-going support network dedicated to the goal of long-term recovery. The Aftercare Meeting is held on Mondays from7:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Anger Management Program

BRO provides anger management assessments as well as individual and group counseling. Group counseling sessions are offered weekly and individual counseling sessions are set up on an individual basis. Anger management treatment is typically mandated by court for individuals convicted of a violent crime such as assault, battery, domestic violence, etc. It is also recommended for anyone awaiting trail for such an offense, though these services are not exclusively for court mandated individuals. Anger management groups are held on Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 7pm.