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A Family Program | The Bottom Line Newsletter

Welcome to the May/June 2021 issue of The Bottom Line, the official newsletter of Breakthrough Recovery Outreach

A Family Program

In this issue, we focus on recovery being a family program. Addiction erodes the fabric of the family system. Total recovery requires a family program to foster life-long recovery. Our Family Program at Breakthrough provides the opportunity for loved ones of individuals struggling with addiction to acquire and, practice new skills, sit in accountability and learn how to walk the path of forgiveness through setting boundaries and making new memories.

We hope that you’ll find our newsletter filled with helpful and hopeful information, resources, celebrations, events, and campus news

For readers who are just getting to know us

We at Breakthrough Recovery Outreach believe that long-term recovery results from addressing problems in the whole individual and that wellness needs to occur in the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. This belief and dedication to wellness are evidenced in our programming of a holistic, systems approach to recovery coupled with our traditional 12-Step approach. At BRO, because we understand that each client is unique in their addiction and their road to recovery is uniquely different, we tailor our recovery programs to the individual needs of each client.

Breakthrough Recovery Outreach, LLC (BRO) was founded in 2005 and is a state-licensed, CARF accredited, ASAM Level III, quality substance abuse recovery program for men, women, young adults, and adolescents. At BRO, a team of highly qualified, licensed, and compassionate professionals with formal education, specialty training and certifications, and deep experience in the field of recovery are committed to meeting our clients where they are in their addiction. We are dedicated to helping our clients acquire and maintain sobriety by relearning positive, sober behavior patterns and life skills while reclaiming the joy and meaning in their lives stolen by addiction. We believe each human is worthy of recovery and deserves freedom from the disease of addiction and unmanaged mental health disorders.

The choice is yours

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It takes a village

We welcome your feedback and suggestions, as well as any experience, strength, and hope that you would like to share.

Trust in the Process…

Breakthrough Recovery Outreach