Breakthrough Recovery Outreach (BRO) is licensed by the state of Georgia and is a CARF accredited, ASAM Level III, Residential Treatment Program, and the first in metro-Atlanta to offer a wholistic approach in the treatment of mental illness and alcohol and substance abuse.

Wellness of body, mind and spirit is crucial to sustainable addiction recovery. BRO continues to integrate wholistic, scientific evidence –based medical and psychological modalities with the traditional 12 Step Recovery approach of individual and group therapy. We draw from time-tested, bio-psychosocial therapies, as well as prevailing neuroscience, with a “systems” approach to recovery. The whole person is treated: body, mind and spirit – to heal the underlying aspects of a person’s life that have been destroyed not only by addiction, but the underlying causes (post traumatic stress, trauma and abuse, etc.). BRO’s wholistic approach incorporates different techniques, i.e. Guided Meditation, Yoga, Music and Art Therapy, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Acupuncture and Qigong Meditation.

BRO is the first Residential Treatment Program to offer this wholistic approach.

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Why You Should Choose Breakthrough

Breakthrough Recovery Outreach was established in year 2005 as a sober living residence that provided a clean and safe environment for individuals suffering with substance abuse issues. By year 2007 and to date, we are a State licensed, CARF accredited facility that encompasses a wholistic approach to treatment. We are also a recovery residence which provides clean and sober living with a 12-step based, structured environment. In addition, we provide mental health services for Dual-Diagnosed clients and clients with Co-Occurring Disorders.

We have been privileged to serve individuals and families all over the country and throughout the state of Georgia. BRO has a proven track record for nurturing clients back to wellness so that they can become productive members of society. According to previous clients and families, Breakthrough is “like family”. We believe in maintaining a strong family atmosphere where we can demonstrate love, concern, tolerance, compassion, and understanding with a non-judgmental approach.

There are so many reasons why Breakthrough Recovery Outreach is an excellent choice for treatment. But, there is only one reason that truly matters which is, we are a team of dedicated professionals and we realize that your life, or the life of your loved one is irreplaceable. There is nothing more inspiring than to hear a mother say “thank you for giving me my child back”, a child saying “thank you for giving me my parent back, or a spouse saying “thank you for giving me my partner back” which we have heard so many times. There are no words to express our gratitude when we hear so many positive affirmations from the people we serve.

Some of the groups we offer at Breakthrough are Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Anger Management, Meditation and Yoga, Music Therapy, Qi Gong, Life Skills, Addiction Education, Medication Education, Nutrition and Health, Co-Occurring Disorders, and Stress Management; and since our program includes physical, emotional, and spiritual education, our normal weekly schedule includes time for exercise, fitness programs, support meetings, and church.

Our townhomes are located within minutes of our education center. This is a roommate style plan based on the client’s age and level of acuity. Each home is fully furnished and equipped with cookware, dinnerware, flat screen television, private patio, and all other modern comforts. Our units are highly structured living quarters that provide twenty-four hour supervision.

Our logo represents our motto. Clients enter our program tangled with chaotic thinking. But here at Breakthrough, we focus on the whole person mind, body, and spirit; Breakthrough’s goal with each new client is to generate the leap from one pattern of thought into the “ah-ha” moment when a new pattern of thinking solidifies. Breakthrough Recovery Outreach is an excellent choice for treatment.

You are invited to visit Breakthrough for a tour of our facilities and experience first-hand the warm, personable and caring environment in which to address your issues and change your life. We accept most major insurances making Breakthrough Recovery Outreach an affordable and uniquely distinct Residential Treatment Program for you or your loved one.

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