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The Dangers of the Tranq Have Hit Atlanta

What is Tranq?

The horse tranquilizer that poses a risk to all addicts.

America’s newest drug of concern is Xylazine, otherwise down as tranq. The dangers of tranq cannot be overstated. It is a major public health concern!

Tranq is the street name for the horse tranquilizer Xylazine. Now, opiate users are abusing tranq. And they may not even know they are taking it! In this blog post, we will explore the dangers of tranq and its consequences.

Tranq is a Nationwide Problem

Atlanta is no exception.

Xylazine is a Schedule IV controlled substance. It is a sedative for animals, particularly horses. Tranq is a powerful sedative called the “zombie drug” because it incapacitates those who abuse it.

According to the New York Post, Tranq has been found in 48 states, including Georgia. The DEA is warning Americans that it is being mixed into heroin and fentanyl. What’s more, in March of 2023, 11 Alive reported that the Gwinnett County Medical Examiner’s Office wants Atlantans to know that tranq is here. And it’s killing people.

Tranq is dangerous to take alone, and when mixed with heroin and fentanyl, the risk of overdose and death is exponentially higher. Frankly, tranq is incredibly dangerous. Let’s discuss:

Health Risks Associated with Tranq Abuse

What Tranq can do to the body is genuinely horrifying.

Tranq is a sedative that is NOT MEANT for human consumption. It is a prescription for animals that are three bigger than we are. If that fact alone isn’t enough to terrify you, listen to this:

Tranq use results in disorientation, dizziness, and confusion. And it impairs breathing, which can result in coma or death.

Were that not enough, tranq literally eats through human flesh. It causes open, gaping wounds that can easily become infected. These sores are so severe that they can lead to amputation.

Tranq users snort, smoke, swallow, inhale or inject the drug. Unfortunately, no matter the method, the risk of dangerous, life-threatening sores remains the same.

There is No Antidote for a Tranq Overdose

It does not respond to Narcan.

Drug dealers are mixing Tranq in with fentanyl and heroin. The fentanyl epidemic is still raging, its smallest amount can cause someone to overdose and die. But Narcan is effective at reversing overdose from opiates. It’s a life-saving treatment that DOES NOT work on Tranq.

Xylazine (tranq) is a tranquilizer, so an opiate -drug has no impact on it. If someone overdoses on tranq, first responders will use Narcan to reverse the effects of the opiate it has been mixed with. But Narcan does not reverse the effects of tranq. As a result, it is an incredibly lethal drug.

Tranq Poses a Serious Risk to Opiate Users

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