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The Fentanyl Crisis in Atlanta

The Fentanyl Crisis in Atlanta is Serious

Every addict should be concerned

According to Atlanta News Channel, 11 Alive, the fentanyl crisis in Atlanta is causing a worrying number of overdoses.1

Terrifyingly, drugs like heroin, cocaine, and pills are being seized in the Atlanta area and found laced with fentanyl. 

As a result, adults and teens can unwittingly take a drug that can kill them in minutes. Worse still, more and more addicts are buying fentanyl and becoming addicted to it. Something has to be done. 

Combating the Fentanyl Crisis in Atlanta

Tips to help you stay safe

Without question, the one surefire way to avoid an accidental death or overdose from fentanyl is to get and stay clean. 

Breakthrough Recovery Outreach in Atlanta, GA, specializes in recovery from fentanyl addiction (and more). Further, we have programs for teens and adults who need help breaking free. 

But, for those who relapse or aren’t clean, or parents or family members worried about a loved one, steps can be taken to address the fentanyl crisis in Atlanta. 

1. Get Naloxone or Narcan. Narcan can reverse the effects of opiate overdose. It must be given as quickly as possible and can prevent death. So, if you or a loved one is using ANY street drug (even pills and marijuana), get Narcan from a pharmacist. No prescription is needed.

2. Monitor your teens’ social media accounts. They may not like you for it, but its importance cannot be overstated. Bad actors target teens using social media and can sell and deliver deadly drugs laced with fentanyl. Too many parents have buried their kids because they were delivered one toxic pill. Tracking your child’s messages and social media can prevent this. 

3. On July 1st, Atlanta is decriminalizing fentanyl test strips.2 Of course, abstinence is the best medicine, and it’s our goal at Breakthrough Recovery Outreach to help everyone achieve that. But sometimes, addicts relapse. Test strips identify fentanyl and cost less than one dollar. Until they are legal, Fox 5 News Atlanta reports they are offered by The Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition.

The Fentanyl Crisis in Atlanta and the Black Market

Why fentanyl is so prevalent

The fentanyl crisis in Atlanta is not simply the result of high demand. Yes, some people do choose to abuse fentanyl. But the crisis is more complicated than that. 

Fentanyl is an inexpensive, synthetic opiate that drug cartels and the black market add to other drugs. One molecule can be deadly. For those who survive and think they are abusing meth, cocaine, or another illicit drug, the black market adds fentanyl to drugs to get people hooked. The more addicts they create, the more lucrative they are.  

The insidious nature of lacing drugs with a deadly substance is hard to comprehend. Yet, it’s the reality, and Atlanta has been hit hard. Just a few weeks ago, cops seized a large number of narcotics in Atlanta. The heroin wasn’t laced with fentanyl – the cocaine was. As a result, getting clean and entering recovery has never been more urgently important.

Don’t Fall Victim to the Fentanyl Crisis in Atlanta

Get help and save your life

Breakthrough Recovery Outreach is passionate about combatting the fentanyl crisis in Atlanta. 

Get help, get clean today, and stop worrying that your next high might kill you. 

We will give you the tools you need to recover and find a safe, beautiful life with the promise of the future you deserve. 

Contact us and begin your path to freedom today. 


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