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Top Five Reasons to Get Clean Now!

Getting Clean Now Will Change Your Life

Here are five reasons why!

Are you an addict considering getting clean? The thought of life without drugs can be overwhelming and scary, but there are so many reasons to get clean today!

Here are five reasons why you should get clean now.

  1. Get Clean to Find Happiness

Addiction causes so much emotional, physical, and financial pain. Still, when we are in active addiction, it’s hard to imagine what happiness feels like.

Remember, the disease of addiction lies. Every addict remembers feeling good after using the first time. Once we become addicted, though, it’s harder to get high. We lose control over our lives, experience negative consequences, and life becomes excruciatingly painful.

Getting clean opens the door to freedom and the possibility of newfound joy. The 12 steps and a recovery program help us find ourselves and rediscover what we love about living.

Happiness is found in the freedom of sobriety. Addiction won’t tell us that, but it is the truth.

  1. Getting Clean Improves Health and Extends Life

Using drugs can damage how the brain and body function. Withdrawal occurs because the brain has stopped making the chemicals needed to feel well.

The human body is remarkable, though. When we get clean, our bodies begin to heal. Our brains start making feel-good chemicals that promote feelings of well-being.

And, for addicts with a dual diagnosis, medications prescribed for mental health conditions we may be suffering from can begin to actually work.

Our immune systems improve when we stop using and start eating and sleeping regularly. We reduce the risk of developing diseases related to drug use. Best of all, we can prevent overdose and death.

Addiction tells us that getting clean will make us sick. But there are medications to help us through withdrawal. The truth is that getting clean helps us get well.

  1. Get Sober to Improve Relationships and Build New Ones

Addiction puts strain on nearly every relationship an addict has. Family relationships suffer, marriages fall apart, and friendships dissolve. And, work relationships fracture, and we lose jobs and the opportunity to support ourselves.

Getting clean, working the 12 steps of recovery, and counseling all offer us the chance to start again with a fresh slate.

Addiction will lie to us and tell us we can never fix our broken relationships. The truth is that sobriety gives us the chance to repair, strengthen, and create new relationships!

  1. Get Clean Now to Become Self-Supporting

Sobriety teaches us responsibility and discipline. With that, our self-esteem and confidence improve.

Those are the characteristics of an excellent employee! It’s hard to keep a job during active addiction. But, when we get clean and sober, we can find jobs we love and support ourselves. Getting clean allows us to rediscover our dreams and passions. We can finally pursue career choices that our addictions blocked us from or destroyed.

Addictions will lie and tell us we can’t be productive members of society. That’s not true. When we get clean, opportunities to grow and become self-supporting are endless.

  1. Sobriety Offers a Design for Living

During addiction, our lives are often out of control. We lack the coping skills to manage life’s problems and difficulties.

With Alcoholics Anonymous, we are given a design for living. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous is an instruction book for life. With it, we can face anything that comes our way. Plus, because AA and NA are “we” programs, we never have to face our difficulties alone again.

Addiction is isolating and tells us we are alone. But that’s the biggest lie of all. When we get clean, we are never alone again.

There Are So Many Reasons to Get Clean Today!

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