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Hitting Bottom in Addiction – How Low Can You Go?

Hitting Rock Bottom in Addiction

What does it mean to hit bottom?

Have you hit bottom? Addiction to alcohol or drugs always includes incurring negative consequences. Hitting rock bottom in addiction means reaching a point where we are spiritually, financially, physically, and emotionally at our lowest point. At rock bottom, our addiction cannot be denied because the negative repercussions overwhelm and swallow us whole. 

For most of us, we won’t seek recovery until we hit a bottom in addiction. Hitting bottom breaks us and it is that brokenness that brings us to our knees and makes us finally willing to ask for and accept help. 

Have you hit rock bottom? Sometimes denial keeps us from seeing the harm our addictions cause us. Review the warning signs below to see if you’ve hit a bottom.

You’ve been physically impacted by your addiction through overdose, injury, or other health crisis

  • You have been arrested or gotten into legal trouble
  • You’ve lost a job due to your addiction
  • You’ve experienced family problems such as divorce or losing custody
  • You experience withdrawal or uncomfortable side effects when you don’t use

For a more detailed list of consequences that mean you’ve hit a bottom in recovery, read, “Signs You’ve Hit Bottom in Your Addiction & What to Do,” from American Addiction Centers.

Everyone’s Bottom in Addiction is Different

Plus, we usually hit bottom harder with every relapse

Hitting rock bottom in addiction is different for everyone. For some, one DUI is a big enough wake up call. Others experience multiple horrific experiences before they hit the bottom they need to surrender to recovery. 

It takes what it takes and sometimes a bottom is irreversible and results in overdose, suicide, or even the death of someone else we hurt while in active addiction.

It is not uncommon for addicts and alcoholics to relapse once or more before finding sobriety. When I first went to treatment, I’d lost a job, incurred financial consequences, and was evicted from my apartment. I didn’t stay sober and when I met Chris Jacobs and went back to treatment my second bottom was far worse. I had nearly committed suicide, damaged my body so badly that it took a year to completely heal, lost so many jobs I was unemployable, damaged relationships, and was financially ruined. 

In AA or NA meetings, we hear the stories of other bottoms. That story telling is crucial, because we don’t have to wait until we are at our lowest to seek recovery. A very low bottom need not be yours.

Have You Hit Rock Bottom in Your Addiction?

Seek Help Now Before You Hit a Harder Bottom

I’ve hit multiple bottoms in addiction. I know it feels like you won’t be able to ever crawl out of the hole you’re in. I also know that YOU CAN because I DID.

Please don’t wait until you overdose, hurt someone, land in jail, or worse before giving yourself a chance to have a change. Contact us and let us help you find your way up from that bottom and into a life you can’t imagine, but truly deserve.

Imagine a life of freedom from addiction and never-ending negative consequences. Seeking help now is the best step you can take towards that dream. It’s possible, it’s worth it, and so are you.